Sometimes generic is better…what!??!

Yes that’s right I (Keah) said it! Sometimes generic is better! What brings me to say this you ask? Well maybe the fact that I just went to the store and picked up our 6th box in 2 weeks of a generic cereal-Kroger Honey Nut Bitz-from Smith’s grocery store. My family can’t  get enough of it.  I have of course tasted the name brand and it just doesn’t compare. Not in price cause generic is usually cheaper and not in taste. I think some of this generic stuff brings me back. I grew up in a family of 5 kids and to make food last buying the cheaper stuff was key. Some of it essentially tastes like home.

Generic brands often stick with what works. So many companies are trying to keep their customers by adding this new thing or taking out that thing, even revamping their flavors. Often I wish they would keep their product the way it was. The reason I liked it enough to buy it the second time. I chuckle to think that some of these companies are seeing that. Why else would soda companies be using throwback packaging? That’s right to get you to remember how it used to be.  Since generics have stuck with what works and we are in the (dare I say it) recession period so more and more people are buying  generic. The same taste (sometimes) for the way cheaper price.

Now don’t get me wrong there are somethings I would never get generic like meat or olive oil or Cheetos (lol!). I am bummed for the people who say things like “oh you buy generic?” and give me that look like I came from the wrong side of the tracks or something. Your missing out! This can also be said for the store a person may shop at. If I hear the dreaded “Oh my gosh you shop at Walmart…well I shop at Target!” I may have to scream! That may be the better store in somethings but I may have gotten the better deal on something both stores carry at the other-just sayin! So by all means do not knock it till you try it! Also don’t think I am an advocate or whatever for generic-I am not! I am just someone who is looking for the best produce I can get! I am also someone who is willing to try just about anything (non-meat related)!  So enjoy your cereal, and microwave popcorn, and ice cream generic style-cause it just may be the better product!

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Brussels sprouts…Really???

So, one night while watching one of our favorite shows Best Thing I Ever Ate on the Food Network. Which if you’ve never seen it you’re missing some good ideas from around the country. Anyways, the episode we were watching was “Fried Foods”, so on the show all the celebrity chefs talk about their favorite places to go to eat these delicious fried eats. As the show went on the chef Aaron Sanchez was up and he said how his favorite fried thing to eat was from the restaurant of the Iron Chef, Mike Simons. What was so crazy about his fried food was what it was, brussels sprouts, we were like “What???”. They showed a small glimpse on how they were made and seasoned, I looked at Keah, she looked at me and we both had the gears of ideas working. Keah said, “Oh my gosh, think you can make that?”, my response, “Heck ya, I will most definitely try. What could it hurt.”.

This is how the first attempt and of course best one ever came out. It was so good.

I got some fresh sprouts from the store and a huge jug of canola oil for my fry-daddy. First, you half or quarter the sprouts depending on the size and that’s all the prep for those. Make sure you fry-daddy is good and hot, carefully add the sprouts(they do want to boil over because of the water in them, lots of steam too) in small batches. While they are cooking the outer leaves will start to peel a bit and turn to a good golden color. Once they look good pull ’em out and drain them for a second. After all the sprouts are cooked transfer them to a bowl I seasoned mine with the usual, garlic salt(Lowry’s california style with parsley flake), chili powder and pepper. That’s the first part, what really makes it is a drizzle of red wine vinegar. Frying the sprouts gives them a very buttery flavor and the vinegar’s acidity balances it out very well. As Mario Batali says, “Buon Apetito”.

I will say, however, that I love sprouts in any form. What I have come across is that no matter what your feelings about them are before you try ’em this way is, give them a chance. Everyone I have ever cooked them for has had their eyes opened to a new world of flavor and respect for these glorious balls called Brussels Sprouts. Try them and let us know what you think, I am willing to bet you’ll love them and pass the idea on to others.

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Turning basic and boring into blissful!

Hey guys! Welcome to our food blog! Since it’s our first I (Keah) thought I would start with the most basic but add just a little something to make it better. Recently we had a few friends over and on a budget making a lot of food to feed all can be a challenge.  In a 3 month period at some point or another in the grocery store most items have a sale. I came across a sale on sweet potato fries. We love them and they are healthier than regular potato fries. Super easy to do for a side-no fuss kinda thing. Plus they went perfect with the main dish we served and 2 $1.79 bags fed 8 people!

On their own they tend to seem basic and boring-yeeeek! So how do you make them blissful you ask? Simple…seasonings! One batch I seasoned with brown sugar and the other batch I used chili powder and a bit of garlic salt and baked to the directions on the bag. Simple enough right? Well there is so many ways you can take that!  Try parmesan, or cumin, maybe ginger. If  you can spend a little cash try truffle salt or experiment with another type of salt-there are tons of varieties by the way! If you like sweet use cinnamon and nutmeg. If your feeling like you want more than a single note of taste, go to the dressing isle and find the seasoning packets for dressings like ranch or italian and sprinkle that on. You can also go to the seasoning isle or ethnic food isles and find seasoning packets like fajita or enchilada.

This also works not just for fries but try this with popcorn, or eggs. Use something more than just garlic salt on your garlic bread-ps chili powder is surprisingly good (crouton recipe for using chili powder coming eventually)! All I’m saying is add a little bit of something you haven’t before! Most of the time it creates a new favorite!  So very basic I know but none the less an important thing to to try!


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This is what we do

This is what my wife, Keah and I (Matt) do for fun. We love to cook, remake classics and just have fun making and eating good food. We will be sharing tips, recipes (good or bad), revamps on classics, restaurant reviews, money saving tricks, where to shop, and sometimes how or what on the expensive side of food is worth your buck. This is one of our passions and we love entertaining so we can share our flavors and tastes with our friends and family.

Most of what we will share can be done by a beginner cook. We hope you the reader comment and let us know what you find that works or doesn’t work for you as well!  We  just love food and hope you enjoy our future posts!

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